Express Pardons Website – Why is it still online?

Express Pardons Website – The Saga Continues

Anyone following the story of Express Pardons story knows by now that the company went out of business. You will find a run-down of what happened here.

What I’m wondering now is why a company that apparently went bankrupt (this was never confirmed) still has enough money to pay a hosting company to keep its website up and running. Below is an image of the site in question.

Express Pardons Website

—————————————————————————Express Pardons is out of business so why it its website still online? 

Express Pardons Website – Still accepting credit cards?

Considering there is an online application form it is worrisome that some people might still be entering their credit card information.  This is a company that went out of business to it certainly should not be accepting credit cards on the internet.

I do know that the company that provided Express Pardons’ toll free number was shopping around awhile ago for someone in the industry to take it over. I declined myself because it comes with a lot of baggage in the form of very unhappy former Express Pardons clients. But if a competitor has bought the number maybe there was some kind of deal made to keep the website going for the extra promotion.

Since I already get enough people calling me about this company I decided that the toll free number was not for us even if it meant losing a bit of extra potential business. I also just don’t want to be associated with Express Pardons at all.

Express Pardons – What to learn?

This is just a point of curiosity for me but it is a caution those of you out there who might still be in the market to find a pardon and waiver service provider. Just be careful who you trust. Check BBB ratings. Verify RCMP accreditations, etc. Do your homework and you should be able to find a company you feel comfortable with and that will provide you with the level of service you deserve.

If you don’t feel like doing your homework give me a call personally. I promise you will be happy with your choice.


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