Free Pardons: Learn how to get your pardon done for free

Free Pardons – If you are trying to find how to get a pardon done free you are in the right place. No, we will not do your pardon for free but we will be honest and tell you that no one else will either. Free pardons are just a gimmick offered by some of the pardon services out there. It’s  a bait and switch technique.

The idea of a free pardon is enough to get many people to pick up the phone. But when it comes time to get a free pardon done for real the chance of it being free essentially falls to zero. Why can’t you get free pardons? You cannot get your pardon done free of charge because there are several costs that must be paid out to the RCMP, the local police, the court(s) and finally the Parole Board of Canada.

If you find someone willing to pay for all of that on your behalf AND process the application for you then you’ve won the lottery in terms of pardon services and you should be very, very thankful you did. All that being said we do have some clients whose pardon has been paid for by third parties. Ontario Works for example has sponsored candidate they consider to be highly employable. It’s not that the pardon was done for free it’s that the pardon was paid for by someone other than the applicant.

There is an old saying about there being no such thing as a free lunch and this definitely applies for pardon services and pardon applications. A free pardon is just not possible because the preparation of a pardon application involves a lot of people who need to be paid for their efforts.

If you are looking for a free pardon and would like some clarification on how these applications work feel free to give me a call. The consultation will be free of charge (seriously) but if you want the National Pardon Centre to handle your paperwork and get a file going for you there is going to be a charge.

Unfortunately thanks to Stephen Harper and the Conservative government (which pretends to be the party of fiscal responsibility) the cost has gone up quite a lot in the past year or so.

TLDR: Free pardons don’t exist 🙁 Michael Ashby 514.842.2411 x 227


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