Pardons, Pot and Tough on Crime: Director of the National Pardon Centre writing for the Toronto Star

The Toronto Star was supportive of our position on pardons and the tough on crime agenda that was pushed so effectively by the Conservative government. With Vic Toews, author of Bill C23 retiring and Rob Nicholson having been moved from the Justice portfolio to Defence perhaps the worst of the crime push is finally over.

If it is I thought this was a good time to review the articles I wrote that were published in the Star and say thank you to their editorial team for all the support.

Unpardonable Policy: An argument against the tough on crime measures proposed in Bill C23 that would make pardons more difficult to obtain.

Ottawa’s anti-crime agenda hurts Canadians looking for a new start: A critique of the backlog of 22,300 pardon applicants at the Parole Board of Canada resulting from the tough on crime measures pushed by the Conservative government.

The Star is also supportive of rethinking Canada’s drug laws. Just to make it clear I am not a supporter of marijuana or anyone using marijuana. However, I believe that the policy that criminalizes any drug, let alone a harmless one like marijuana is more destructive than the drug itself and therefore the laws should be changed.

Ottawa’s Reefer Madness: A look at the reasons why criminalizing marijuana is irrational and destructive.

Canadian’s don’t need to be protected from marijuana: An argument suggesting that adult Canadians should be allowed to decide for themselves to use marijuana or not regardless of any harmful effects that may or may not exist.

If you have any questions about any of my articles on pardons or pot that appeared in the Toronto Star feel free to get in touch. I’m happy to discuss.

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