Good News for the Pardons Backlog?

Safety Minister Steven Blaney recently announced that funding for the pardons backlog has been confirmed.

“A little more than 5,000 are left and Mr. (Harvey) Cenaiko (the chairman of the parole board) and his team confirmed to me that they have the financial resources to keep dealing with the backlog,” Blaney said in response to a question from a New Democrat MP. “And they really are on objective and on time.”

Read the complete CBC Story:

On time does seem like a bit of stretch considering these applications are several years late already. But it’s certainly better news than we got last time.

See my recent editorial in the Montreal Gazette for comment:

With luck we are getting to the end of this story which started more than 3 years ago. If you’re in the backlog stay tuned. We will be celebrating the day the final application gets its rubber stamp.



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