If Only It Was That Easy

You know those ads on TV where everything just works out, and at the end of the Christmas holidays your credit card bill is zero? The last thing they say is something along the lines of “if only life was that easy!”

If only! True enough. I sometimes wish that at the end of the day all of the problems were solved and the dinner was made and my favourite show was on TV with no ads, no interruptions, nothing to distract me from relaxing for an hour.

Now considering what business I am in I talk to a lot of people who wish that after they had been arrested, gone to court, paid the fines, finished probation, performed the community service, etc. etc, etc. the criminal record would just magically dissappear when the ordeal was finally over. And in fact many of the people I speak to actually think that is the case. Only there is a little voice in the back of their head telling them they know perfectly well that criminal records do not disappear automatically. Otherwise they would not be calling me in the first place.

What I am trying to say is that when it comes to criminal records, and pretty much anything to do with Canada’s legal justice system, there is no Get Out of Jail FREE card…period! It does not exist.

So if you have a Canadian criminal record then you need to take the step necessary to ensure that it is properly removed. In other words you need to get a Canadia pardon. Otherwise you are taking a rish with important things in life like your career, freedom to travel, etc.

Trust me what when I say that if your record comes back to haunt you retrospect will tell you one thing very loud and perfectly clear. A pardon is a small price to pay for a clear criminal record!


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