National Pardon Centre Supports These Movements

There are a couple of organizations doing a very good job of promoting opposition to the Harper crime bill which has shown itself to be so full of ideology as to be completely separated from reality. It is a shame that many people take this form of politicking seriously but that is the nature of the beast, the name of the game.

If you are concerned about our criminal justice system being pushed to the far right please take the time to review these campaigns and join the opposition. Bill C-10 would take Canada’s judicial system towards the failed American model of rigid punishment without compromise. This would come at a time when the courts are already overwhelmed, when crime is trending downward, when a majority of Canadians are seriously questioning the war on drugs. The bill simply does not make sense.

This issue goes beyond ensuring draconian changes to the pardon system do not take place. It is about keeping Canada safe and not succumbing to the fear mongering being pushed by the conservative majority. Take a stance. Join the movements. Simply click through and get involved.





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