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There are a couple of organizations doing a very good job of promoting opposition to the Harper crime bill which has shown itself to be so full of ideology as to be completely separated from reality. It is a shame that many people take this form of politicking seriously but that is the nature of the beast, the name of the game.

If you are concerned about our criminal justice system being pushed to the far right please take the time to review these campaigns and join the opposition. Bill C-10 would take Canada’s judicial system towards the failed American model of rigid punishment without compromise. This would come at a time when the courts are already overwhelmed, when crime is trending downward, when a majority of Canadians are seriously questioning the war on drugs. The bill simply does not make sense.

This issue goes beyond ensuring draconian changes to the pardon system do not take place. It is about keeping Canada safe and not succumbing to the fear mongering being pushed by the conservative majority. Take a stance. Join the movements. Simply click through and get involved.





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anonymous / November 27, 2011


In an earlier blog, I believe you noted that “if the Tories get their way, bill C-10 will pass sometime in the spring.”

I was wondering if you still see that as the timeframe?

Also, do you think that it’s possible that the senate may actually block C-10 — possibly because some Tory senators may abstain on the vote?

Despite the Tory majority, I see that the Quebec provincial justice minister is reported to be “holding out hope that the bill will die in the senate.” That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say anything about the bill not being an automatic slam dunk. And the fact that it was a justice minister saying it seems to add some credibility (i.e. it’s not some commentator or someone unfamiliar with how things work/could work).

What are your thoughts?


Michael Ashby / November 28, 2011

Hi Again,

I read the following from the National Post this morning.

The Conservatives are determined to push the Safe Streets and Communities Act through the Commons before Christmas and the bill is expected to become law within the first 100 sitting days of the 41st Parliament — March 16, 2012, according to the Commons calendar.

Full Article:

But to be honest who knows? I think Harper is taking a good beating from this one. If we were anywhere near another election cycle I think it would be dead. My gut tells me it’s going to pass. That being said I made a concerted effort not to take an interest in politics for a long time and I certainly never wanted to be directly involved. So I would not consider myself an expert despite my recent participation.

I don’t think there is a whole lot to do but wait and see. I read something else today about another prorogation of parliament. That sounds about par for the course I would say.

anonymous / November 28, 2011

Hi Michael, thanks for your response and sending me the link to the article — I checked it out.

You’re right…who knows what’s going to happen here? I’m like you, I try to actively avoid politics and especially political commentary or political journalism (if there is such a thing). But because this issue obviously affects me, I have been forced to follow this with relentless (and I will admit, at times obsessive) focus.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this introduction to Canadian civics has not been edifying. On the contrary, it’s made me really sick. Just thinking about the mockery that was the ‘committee’ makes me want to throw up.

I guess you’re right. Just wait and see. This is like a slow motion train wreck that inches forward each day.


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