The Pardon Association of Canada

The National Pardon Centre is happy to announce the launch of the Pardon Association of Canada. National Pardon Centre and Pardons Canada have founded Canada’s first industry association for pardon and waiver service providers. The site and the association are very new so we are still just two members but we hope to attract a few more of the legitimate companies early next year.

Please take a moment and view the association website. If you have any comments about how we can improve the industry or the association I would love to hear from you.

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Denise / November 21, 2011

The Time Frame section of this website was last revised in 2009. I highly suggest that it be updated immediately! It states that expedited pardons (those an individual pays a higher premium for), will take between 6-12, This is incorrect as mine took 21 months and all I had was one small infraction, which was 12 years old at beginning of my application.

Michael Ashby / November 21, 2011

Hi Denise,

Thank you for your comments. I will be updating the site as you are correct that 6 months is not realistic at the moment. However, 12 months still applies and I should point out that a large part of the ddelay with your file was due to slow correspondence on your behalf. For example it took four attempts to get a pardon form returned with your signature. Furthermore, start to finish your file took 16 – 17 months.

Would you like me to remove your surname from this blog? Most of our clients do not want their full name posted on a pubic website since it confirms a pardoned criminal record. But this is your choice of course.


Michael Ashby


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