Why Do I Need a Pardon Service Provider?

Some people claim that it’s easy to do a pardon yourself and that private companies like the National Pardon Centre are not necessary. This is both true and false and it depends on the type of person you are and how skilled you may or may not be and wading through government bureaucracy.

While it is true that it is possible to do a pardon on your own it cannot be done completely on your own. Step one involves getting fingerprinted and you are either going to need a police agency to do it or a private company like the National Pardon Centre.

After that you are going to have to communicate with local police stations, court houses, RCMP civil fingerprinting in Ottawa, the Canadian military (possibly) and, finally, the Parole Board of Canada. Local police stations and court houses are typically going to be the most challenging depending on which one you have to deal with.

Each court and each police stations has it’s own way of processing document requests. Some require certain information completed upon submission others will not accept the submission if the exact same information is already completed. This is just a simple example of the type of confusion that can be experienced when processing a pardon. It can be a frustrating chain of events for professionals who deal with these sorts of issues every day. How it would seem to a person doing it for the first time can easily be imagined.

If you are confident in doing a pardon on your own and you have the free time available by all means give it a shot. Lots of our competitors will tell you that this is not allowed but it is an obvious lie designed to make sales. At the National Pardon Centre we are a little different. We have no need to make extra sales and we like to be honest. If you call us we are going to give you honest information every time.

Of course if you are not the kind of person who likes to wade through government bureacucracy, or you need your pardon ASAP for something important like work, or you simply don’t have the free time required to do this on your own, you might give us a call. Yes it will cost a little more but you’ll get peace of mind and a guarantee your file will be done correctly.

Why do you require a pardon service provider? Because it make sense to have one. It’s that simple.

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