Pardon Testimonial

My name is J.C and I have been convicted of several drug charges in the past.

My first drug conviction was in 1998  I received an 18 month sentence my second conviction was 2008 were I was charged with 4 indictable offences received 2.5 years run  concurrent  i received parole never had any violence on my record at all. the  new Tory rules made me ineligible forever  for a pardon. I feel that this is not fair people do change after being released from prison my wife had a son and I change my life around Ive not so much  as had a parking ticket in the past 7 years.

I hope under Mr Trudeau he realizes that people do change. I’m 48 years old and having this on my record has put up many roadblocks.

I realize its my doing but how do they expect people to go on when there is no hope ever of me getting my record clear?

I just want to chance to lead a normal life and get a good job and show my son the right way to live. I hope that the prime minister is a fair and just person and realizes that people do change its been almost 7 years  I’ve been home done parole and not had any issues with the law. I just want the chance.

Thank you for hearing my story and God bless yours truly.


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