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Testimonial – S.H

My Name is S.M. I was convicted summarily for 1 count Sexual Interference and one count of possession of child pornography. I have never had any problems with the law before 2010. Long story short of it is that I dated a girl I believed to be of age that I later found out wasn’t of age when I got arrested, but ignorance is not an excuse for the law and I admit It was all my fault being too naive.

I spent 2 years on bail till I was convicted, I then received a 90 day sentence and 2 years probation. I received a note from a psychologist during my pre-sentence report to crown that I was labeled a low risk to re-offended. During this time the conservatives changed the pardon laws.

I have since kept my job I have worked for 9 years. I think it is unfair that for a my first and only offence I can never be eligible for a pardon (record suspension). Too me it feels like I severed my punishment and I am still being punished by not being allowed to contribute to society. I was convinced when I was 24 and I’m 30 now.

I realize too most people when they hear these charges they think the worst, But I’m no different than any other offender that simply made a mistake. I hope Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale or Prime Minister Trudeau have mercy and do not ostracize me further in life. Remember a pardon is helpful to not reoffend because once a pardon is obtained I myself would be fearful to loose it and not take it for granted.

Best of luck to anyone in the same situation as me.

About Michael Ashby

Michael Ashby is Co-Founder and Communications Director for the National Pardon Centre. Get in touch with Michael by sending an email to or calling extension 227.Michael Ashby est le co-fondateur et le directeur des communications au Centre du Pardon national. Contactez Michael par email au ou par téléphone au poste 227.

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