Parole Board of Canada Launches Online Pardon Consultation

The Parole Board of Canada has launched another online consultation concerning the user fee for applying for a record suspension (pardon). We can only hope that the results it received are taken with greater consideration than the last time.

Under the previous Conservative government the Parole Board increased the filing fee for pardons from $50 to $150. Incredibly it was then increased again to $631 in an effort to gain “full cost recovery”.

The response to the online consultation that time around was overwhelmingly against the increase. However in a move that was surprising to no one, the increase went ahead.

Read more about the previous online fee consultation:

The good news is that this time around we have a Liberal government in charge and this administration already appears to be less dogmatic on matters relating to criminal justice. Of course the government is young and since politics is politics we can never really be sure what will happen.

But I’m feeling fairly confident about Canada’s pardon program for the first time in about 8 years. The previous administration clearly used criminal justice as a political platform and the results were disastrous.

I encourage everyone to complete the survey even if I don’t really believe the results of it will have any effect on the final decision.

For the record, I think we’re headed towards a two tier fee system which, frankly,  seems perfectly reasonable.

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patrick / November 27, 2017


The fee of 631 is quit a lot, I have been trying to get it, I have a family that wants to travel but can not because of this, I have 2 offences, the last one 1997 and the one 1992, I have been so good since then, I want to start mlm business and it has meetings in the states so I can not do that, it should be lower.. the gangs and mafia and bikers have the money to get started, its all about money, they should look at every person, different situation…

Michael Ashby / November 29, 2017

Hi Patrick,

I agree the submission fee is too high. I don’t expect it to come down however.

Kind regards,



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