This is Reefer Madness

Today a news story broke about a 15 year old girl in Quebec City being strip searched by the principal because she was suspected of selling marijuana to a friend. Is this what reefer madness has come to?

Apparently the law allows grown men – in positions of authority no less – to force a 15 year old girl to remove her clothes, provided there is a compelling reason to do so. And it all must be done respectfully, of course.

How could it not be?

Personally, I can’t imagine what a good reason for such a thing would be, but in the world I live in marijuana offences definitely aren’t it. Every single person in the world I know would agree with me.

There are very good reasons we don’t allow grown men to ask 15 year old girls undress. And there are even more good reasons we don’t allow grown men in positions authority to force 15 year old girls to undress. The general golden rule is that grown men should have nothing whatsoever to do with young people unless they are both fully clothed. Most of us figured this out a long time ago.

Nonetheless it happened in a school in Quebec City. The young woman in question – legally she is still a child remember – was suspected of selling pot. So the principal did what he thought was right. He performed s trip search so he could inspect her clothes – panties included. It truly boggles the mind.

Do the dangers of a mild recreational drug really give a grown man the right to perform a strip search a child? No they don’t and every single person in the world that I know agrees.

Unfortunately our Education Minister, M. Yves Boludc, thinks it’s perfectly acceptable. It just needs to be done “respectfully”. Well, I call bullshit!

The CAQ, seeing common sense and fresh blood, was right to call for M. Bolduc’s resignation.

Here is the story:

Education minister defends 'respectful' strip searches of students


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