Canadian Fingerprinting From Abroad

Many Canadians live abroad. And often those very same Canadians need an RCMP certified criminal record background check. There are many reasons you might require this from job applications to immigration procedures but whatever the reason getting your fingerprints taken in another country can be a difficult process.

It doesn’t help matters that the fingerprints need to be sent to the RCMP for certification. The certification process will either return your criminal record, or return a letter indicating that “no criminal record exists.” It’s worded a bit differently but you get the idea.

The problem is complicated by the fact that the RCMP no longer accepts ink based fingerprinting submissions for fingerprint certifications. They will only accept digitized fingerprints. Ink based prints will not be processed.

Since digital fingerprinting technology employed by the RCMP and affiliated companies (like us) is specific to Canada, fingerprinting presents a dilemma when you are living out of the country.

The solution is international fingerprinting services. We can accept your ink based fingerprinting form and digitize them in our office. We simply scan the ink prints into our system, digitize them and then forward them to the RCMP for certification. It’s really that simple.

If you require this service please feel free to get in touch. Our turn-around times are among the best in the industry and we pride ourselves on our customer service.





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