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New Canadian Pardon Rules

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The New Canadian Pardon Rules – Bill C-10 and Bill C-23A Explained The New Canadian Pardon rules were established with two separate pieces of legislation; Bill C10 and Bill C23A. The bill to amend the criminal records act was first introduced as Bill C23. At the time however the Conservative…

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Pardons – What’s New?

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PARDONS COST INCREASE Sadly the big news in pardons is that the cost of getting one has skyrocketed. Following legislative changes championed by the Conservative government the fee for filing your application with the Parole Board of Canada went from $50 to $631. And of course most service providers, having…

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Bill C23B becomes law

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The omnibus crime bill passed despite heated opposition. Everything that could ever be said about the bill has already been said ad nauseum so let’s just move on. The measures contained previously in Bill C23B came into law with the passing of the omnibus crime bill, bill C10. Therefore pardons…

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Pardon the Agenda

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Pardon the agenda The Conservatives not only wants to send more people to jail more often and for longer periods of time, they want to make sure that those who finally get out will not work a decent job for as long as possible. They want to prevent people from…

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