The Proposals to Deny Pardons

Following Bill C10, the Parole Board of Canada introduced new steps in the record suspension application process. One is the “Measurable Benefit Letter”. Record Suspension applicants must explain their reason for applying and explain the circumstances of his offenses. They must also explain the efforts they have made to change since the incident(s). In someRead More
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Victim Surcharge Fees Judges Defy Order to Impose Mandatory Victim Surcharge on Convicted Offenders – Helping or Hurting? Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have made it clear that their “tough on crime” stance is a priority. Their newest legislation, which adheres to the party platform, has made it mandatory for all convicted offenders to pay a victim-services surcharge regardlessRead More
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Summary offences vs. Indictable offences in Canada Explained

There is a lot of misunderstanding in Canada concering the different kinds of criminal offfences that people commit. The following post will clearly explain what the terms summary offence and indictable offence actually mean. Why have I never heard of this? Canadian criminal justice terminology is different from the United States. Unfortunately, thanks to TVRead More
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