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Time Frames Archives - National Pardon Centre

The RCMP is moving now

By | Pardon | 2 Comments

GOOD NEWS! With all of the bad news coming out of this blog for the past while I am happy to report that the RCMP is now processing fingerprint searches at a reasonable pace and as a result the backlog is clearing. This is good news for anyone processing a…

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Kafka would be proud

By | Pardon | 4 Comments

It’s been confirmed by the Parole Board of Canada that record suspensions and pardons will be processed much faster than in the recent past, provided your application was submitted under the new cost structure that came into effect February 23, 2012. Summed up, if you paid more money you get…

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Why is it taking so long?

By | Pardon | 6 Comments

Not only has the waiting period for eligibility been increased now that Stephen Harper has had his way with Canada’s pardon program but once you are eligible the backlog at the Parole Board of Canada means you will have to wait even longer. Is this fair? No. Did it have…

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