GREAT NEWS: USA Waivers Faster Than Ever!

One of the more frustrating things about processing Canadian pardon (record suspension) and USA entry waiver applications is the amount of time it takes to get all of the paperwork put together. The other is the amount of time it takes for government agencies to review the paperwork and grant the applications. But lately things are getting much better, particularly with USA Entry Waivers.

Delays exist for many reasons. But most are the result of limited resources. Government agencies simply don’t have the abaility to fulfill everyone’s request as quickly as everyone would like. This is often the case with government run procedures but the problem exists in the private sector as well.

Perhaps a court house doesn’t have the human resources to find that court record we need from 1984. Or perhaps a local police station can’t take your fingerprints because theerson they just hired didn’t work out. Or has gone home sick. There are many reasons things get slowed down.

The Good News!

The really good news lately is that a lot of these delays seem to be getting better. Take the Department of Homeland Security as an example. For almost 20 years we have been telling clients it can, and usually does, take up to a full 6 months for the American government to review an application for a US entry waiver. Amazingly enough, things have changed.

We are now seeing US waiver applications
granted in as little as 4 weeks.

Keep in mind that a waiver cannot be completed start to finish in 4 weeks. It can still take several months to process all the paperwork required. BUT, once you’ve submitted your application the American government seems to be moving pretty quickly indeed.

So, it has never been a better time to cross the border again. If you’ve been waiting to take the kids to Disneyland, or you just want to go to Florida and escape the winter blues, now is a perfect time to do it.

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Greg McNish / February 13, 2020


I’m wondering if you could confirm if my account is still active. I began the process several years ago.

Michael Ashby / February 13, 2020

Hi Greg,

We have only some basic contact information at this point. The file was originally opened in 2011 and we never heard from you until a couple years later.

If you want to proceed I would suggest calling the centre and speaking with a counsellor.

Kind regards,



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