US Entry Waivers Aren’t Permanent

Unfortunately it’s true. US entry waivers aren’t permanent. But there was once a time when that wasn’t the case, at least for some.
Currently US waivers are issued for a period of 6 month – 5 years.

The most common scenario we see with our clients is a 1 year waiver issued after the first application and then 5 years waivers after that. We rarely see a 6 month waiver issued and no one really knows why. But if I had to guess I would say that issuing a 6 month waiver is more hassle than it’s worth.

In the past it was possible to get a permanent waiver. Many Canadians who had already been issued several temporary entry waivers would eventually be issued a permanent document so they would no longer have to go through the application process. This seemed perfectly reasonable since people who have had problems with the law in their youth rarely go on to commit further crime in adulthood. The older people get, the more law abiding they become.

But after 9/11 permanent waivers were cancelled. Furthermore all the permanent waivers that had already been issued were rescinded. Everyone who had once enjoyed a permanent waiver document was now forced to go through the application process all over again.

We’re now 15 years after that terrible event and there is no indication that permanent travel waivers are coming back any time soon, if ever. So if you require a waiver just know that right now the best you can do is a 5 year period.

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