The Charter of Quebec “values”

Cop or Reason to be Concerned?

God forbid that this guy arrests me wearing that turban. If so I might have my fingerprints taken by someone wearing a kirpan (never mind the gun on his hip). Then I might have to go to court and face a judge who believes something I don’t believe, which I suppose would be the case anyway.

Then if I go to prison I might be subjected to a prison guard wearing a cross, provided it’s a really big cross. And while in prison my children would be at daycare being looked after by someone wearing, well, who knows? I think you get the picture.

If I find myself in a position where I am being arrested the last thing I’m going to concern myself with is what the guy with the handcuffs and the gun is wearing on his head.

As much as I believe in a secular society, and as much as I believe that overt religious symbols are unnecessary (for the record it’s not necessary to wear a Habs jersey to the game either) I couldn’t care less if a government worker wears one. I’d much prefer they be friendly and competent than secular and I certainly don’t want the Partis Quebecois deciding what constitutes appropriate attire and what doesn’t.

The National Pardon Centre opposes this charter and believes it is yet another case of politicians serving themselves and their agendas, rather than the people they were elected to represent.




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