Toronto Pearson Airport is again accepting US Entry Waiver Applications

UPDATE (March 15, 2018) : Please be advised that the United States Customs and Border Protection Waiver Office located at the Toronto Pearson Airport is again accepting US Entry Waiver applications.

Please note that their business hours have changed. They will accept US Entry Waiver submissions on Tuesdays only, from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.



Our recommendation for alternate border crossings in the area where you are able to submit entry waiver applications are the Buffalo/Niagara Falls crossings (Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Queenston/Lewiston) or the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel.  For a complete list of submission points in Ontario, please refer to the following:

Ontario Submission Points – US Entry Waiver


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gigi calinescu / April 6, 2018

Hi! I I was convicted with fraud less than $7000 in 1995.With probation. I was a new comer and I made a mistake.I got my pardon in 2008,then,a US waiver for 1 year,in 2010.Now,I need onother one to vist THE USA.If I go trough a layer,it cost me too much.Where is better to go for a renewal waiver? Thank you!

Michael Ashby / April 9, 2018

Hi Gigi,

Our fee for a waiver service is $695. We include the fingeprinting service if you can visit our of our offices. I would be very confident we would get you a 5 year waiver this time around.

You can either apply online or give me a call at the number below if you would like our help.

Kind regards,

514-842-2411 x 227

Owen / June 19, 2018

I say don’t do it your self. National pardon centre does the job! 2nd time around with them. Nothing bad to say about this company. 2 thumbs up!

Michael Ashby / July 9, 2018

Thank you for the kind words Owen.


Ojo Tewogbade / July 15, 2018

Good morning Mr. Ashby:
I have a question to ask sir. If a person is convicted of an offence here in Canada and has since received a pardon, however now need a waiver to enter United States. How long does it take for one to be able to apply and have the same pardon and have the record cleared with United States

Michael Ashby / July 17, 2018

Hi Ojo,

This is one you should probably give me a call about.

ext 227


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