Unfortunately I need to say this…AGAIN!

One of my competitors is such a nuisance that I feel I need to reiterate a point I have been making concerning the pardon and waiver service industry.

My impression of most of my competitors is that they are small but competent companies run by honest people. But unfortunately this industry still has a bad rep and it is because there are a few dishonest people running borderline scams in the form of a pardon and waiver service.

The most notorious company for this operates on the fringe. It does nothing directly illegal but it certainly allows its clients to believe things that are simply not true. Below is an excerpt from its website:

In order to open a tracking file and assist you with the process, we must receive our fee. After opening up a tracking file, we require a signed note from you authorizing us to work on your behalf. At that time we would:
Advise and assist you in acquiring the required documentation
Help you complete all required government forms

So for 500 dollars or so this company is offering to “help you” do what you will be doing yourself anyhow. Again, this is not illegal but the rest of the website certainly leads a user to believe that the service being offered is a little more “complete”. At the National Pardon Centre, for example, we do not “help” you do the work. We do the work. It’s just that simple.

And this is just one example of the reasons that the pardon and waiver service industry is regarded as being just a little bit unscrupulous. A company that is only “helping” you do the work is not really doing anything at all. You would not hire a painter to watch you paint your house.

So please be careful when choosing a pardon and waiver service. Check the website over thoroughly and determine what (if anything) you will be paying for. See if the company offers fingerprinting services, see if it is RCMP accredited, verify that you can visit the office in person if you wish.

Be careful with the choice you make but also remember not to be too paranoid or you may never feel comfortable taking this important step. Remember what I said. Most of my competition appears to be honest enough. I receive complaints concerning only a couple of companies, but unfortunately I can’t list them here because complaints are only complaints and have never been verified.

And on a final note I would like to assure anyone interested in obtaining a pardon or waiver that the National Pardon Centre is honest, upfront and legitimate. We are not the cheapest company in the business but we are also not the most expensive. And I give you my personal word that we will handle your case professionally and that you will get real value for your money. If you have any questions about the National Pardon Centre I can be emailed at I am a founder and a director of the company. You can see my profile by clicking here and I would be happy to have my organization handle your case.


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