Update: Liberal Policy on Pardons

I have met with Marc Garneau who is the Liberal MP in the riding where I live. M. Garneau is the Minister of Transportation so the topic is not his area of expertise, of course . But he is also an exceptionally bright man and he understood exactly why the changes we wished to discuss were needed and would benefit Canadians.

It was a positive meeting. He assured Nicole and I that in principal the Liberal government is on board with the changes we feel need to be made. This is good news. On the other hand he wasn’t sure if it was something that would be on the immediate agenda. None of this was a surprise.

The meeting ended with M. Garneau offering some advice on how to engage the Minister of Justice on the matter which was very much appreciated. I have since done that by sending an email with out intentions outlined. I received a very prompt reply from the Minister’s office. But it only indicates what I already knew, that she has a lot of issues to contend with.

Here it is:

 Thank you for your message. We are experiencing a very high volume of emails, and we thank you for your patience through this transition.  A member of TeamJody will get back to you as soon as possible.

So, we have no news to report at the moment. But rest assured we are getting things in motion. So stay tuned.

And also, thank you to M. Garneau for seeing us and offering his advice.



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john doe / April 20, 2016

Thank you mike for keeping us up to date with this!

Michael Ashby / April 21, 2016

My pleasure.



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