Who is Jamie who sells pardons?

If you happened to have been shopping around for a pardon services provider it is possible you might have spoken to someone named Jamie who works for just about any company you happen to want him or her to work for. I have received many complaints about this mysterious Jamie person and more than a few people have told me that he or she has claimed to work for the National Pardon Centre.

Let me be perfectly clear. We do not have anyone working here named Jamie and interestingly enough I don’t think we ever have. We’ve employed close to 100 different people at one time or another since opening our doors over ten years ago and we’ve never hired a Jamie. I’m not even sure if I have ever received a resume from someone named Jamie, although probably I have.

I believe that Jamie is just a common name used by one of the hard sell factories employed by some of our competitors. Many of the pardon companies out there do very little in the way of pardon processing but they sure are good at the hard sell. It seems likely that Jamie is like the generic name tag employees put on in the retail sector or at a restaurant that just has a name, any name, and does not necessarily belong to any real living person.

Not that there is anything wrong with the name Jamie. I’ve know a few of them over the years and I remember them all as being quit decent people. But if someone calls you wanting to sell you a pardon and he or she says his or her name is Jamie your best bet is to hang up.

And if you’re still looking for someone to talk to that will not give you a hard sell or mislead you then I would be happy to take your call. My direct line is below and my name is not Jamie.

Best regards,

Michael Ashby

514.842.2411 x 227

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