Assault with a weapon / Assault causing bodily harm (CC 267) – Common Criminal Charges

Assault with a weapon / Assault causing bodily harm (CC 267) is a hybrid offence. Individuals convicted of assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm are usually sentenced to a fine payment, probation and, in some cases, a period of jail time or house arrest. Repeat offenders are generally given heavier sentences and are more likely to be given jail time.

A Record Suspension will remove any record of an assault conviction from an individual’s criminal history. The record of conviction will be kept separate and apart and will not be released to third parties through criminal background checks.

A criminal record for assault can mean that an individual is prevented from finding employment, doing volunteer work and being bonded. It can also make it difficult for an individual to become a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

In some cases a criminal record it can prevent them from entering Canada entirely.

A Record Suspension will remove these obstacles.

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LAU KIT SHUM / August 19, 2016

I have been charged for assault with weapon from my friends. There are misunderstanding and finally the court dropped my case.
I was found not guilty .
I am worried that this kind of history would be appearing on my record. Pls kindly advise it.

LAU KIT SHUM / August 19, 2016

By the way ,I did appeared to the court for 3 times for this case. The police charged me and my friend got mad at me who also appeared on the court. There is misunderstanding with my poor English with Police in Canada. I did hired a lawyer and proved me that not guilty .
Just wondering that this kind of case will be appeared on my criminal record check ?
The case occurred back to 2006 around 10 years ago. pls kindly advise it.
Thanks a lot.

Keri / August 19, 2016


Once you have been charged or fingerprinted by the police there is an active file. In order to remove all traces of the charges, fingerprints and court records you will need to proceed with a purge and file destruction. You may reach me at 1-866-242-2411 X225 to discuss or also via email :



Jennifer Berndt / February 22, 2018

Hi Keri,

I am currently in a similar circumstance as the above. I have been charged with assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm in an accidental incident. I have yet to be fingerprinted but do have an appointment to do so and also court date set for March 13th. I am desperately needing help/advice.
Thank you,

Michael Ashby / February 27, 2018

HI Jennifer,

If you haven’t been to court yet we aren’t the ones to be helping you unfortunately. Best luck and please feel free to get in touch once things are completed.


diane / May 7, 2018

My son received assault and mischief charges way back 2000, maybe 2001, then assault againg 2011, he received some traffic fines, while on a bicycle(he put a motor on it) while his licence was suspended in 2014. Will he get a pardon?diane

Michael Ashby / May 7, 2018

Hi Diane,

Based on the information you have me I don’t see any compelling reason why he wouldn’t be able to get a pardon. If you would like to start a file on his behalf feel free to give me a call.

Kind regards,

ext 221

Amberly / May 1, 2021

Hello, I was wondering…

In 2011, I was 23 yrs old, someone tried charging me with assault with a weapon, it went to court- then nothing… I explained to the judge it was self defense and the accuser didn’t even show up, I went home. Soon after I moved away from that person and life went on…
on a my local criminal check it says assault with a weapon with two number/letter codes underneath
(I was informed it may mean -deemed self defense) . I got 15 months probation(which I completed!
Todays date – May 1/2021 I'm 33 now with no trouble since 2011.


Michael Ashby / May 3, 2021

HI Amberly,

It would be best to give me a call to discuss. The criminal record should be dealt with before travelling.

Kind regards,

ext 227


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