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Since the Liberal Victory I have been receiving emails from people willing to tell their story about how the Conservative government’s changes to the pardon program unfairly held them back. The story always seems to be the same. These people made mistakes but they changed and wanted to turn their lives around. But instead of a government supporting those changes, we had a government that routinely wanted to hold people back.

Thank you Mike, for sharing your story:

Mike J


Here is my story.

I’m now 32 years old, when I was 20 I was drinking extremely heavily and partying at a party with my friends.

I got to the point of insanity and made a terrible decision. I had no previous record or issues with the law, I was a university student and athlete.
Because of my mistake I was sent to jail with a level 1 offense.

Since doing “my time” I have graduated with an engineering degree,have my global certification in my field, which is a huge accomplishment. I am married to a beautiful Christian woman,have a home,  kids,pets and have never been in any form of trouble since.

Just last  week I received a job offer from one of the largest companies in Canada for 120k a year. I had to turn down the job due to a CPIC  security clearance check.

Under harpers rules I am not eligible for a pardon until I am 37 years old. It’s just not fair and ruining my life,along with my families. As I am the only one working and supporting us all.

I have more ambition and drive to succeed than any person I know but am held back at every dam turn. It’s weighing heavily on my wife and I.
How is it fair that a single mistake at 20 years old will cost me until I’m it least 37?

A normal persons working life is roughly 20-60… 40 years, because of this new law I will finally be able to make something of myself for 23 years, not 40.
I am a good person. Honest, loyal,loving, compassionate,hard working, funny and optimistic.

Having to wait 10 years for a pardon is inhuman and cruel.

If someone has multiple offenses than I understand,  but how can you do that to someone who was a kid, drunk, dumb and foolish? I made a mistake for 10 mins in my life and harpers government will see me punished for years and years to come.

It just isn’t OK or fair. Breaks my heart to not be able to provide better for my family. To make my parents proud and to not be able to accomplish my dreams and goals.

Pardons must be revised, 3-5 years was fair and I believe in cases such as mine that amends should be given. I’m not a scum bag career criminal.
I made 1 bad decision in my entire life. And I’m thrown in with the worse of them.

Please change this and please help those of us who have gone to the extreme efforts to help ourselves. I am a winner, and I am not allowed to win.

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Julie McMullen / December 24, 2015

That is a horrible and unfair way for someone who made a mistake so long ago to be treated. I too made one mistake years ago and was unable to even visit my parents in Florida for Christmas last year. I assumed having no prior criminal record that with an explanation of what happened would be enough, but it wasn’t. Since then the process of obtaining a pardon or waiver has been so full of red tape, it’s discouraging. I truly wish you all the best for your future.


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