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I seem to be getting a lot of people interested to know if the Liberal’s are going to change the pardon laws. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer yet since the Justice Minister has a lot on her plate. Plus it’s holiday time so the government isn’t doing anything.

But keep watching because as soon as I know if the pardons laws will be changed I will be posting it here. In the meantime here is another testimonial. Thanks to Randy for Sharing.

Randy Gray

Hi, this is my story i was living in Vancouver,BC in 1995 and was charged with Trafficking in Marijuana ( I knew someone selling and i set up a buy for my friend, i made $100 X 2 ) It was stupid too do , but I was laid-off off at the time on EI. Anyway i plead guilty ,with bad advice from legal aid lawyer.

It was the first time i was in trouble with police, and now have criminal record.

Lets fast forward, I moved back to Ontario, and started to get my life back, After a few years i decided to apply for a pardon, i did everything they wanted ,to the part about paying fines, At the time when i pleaded guilty I received a $2500 fine. So when i contacted North Van court house and inquired about a receipt, they told me i owed $200 still. So i eventually paid, and had to wait 3 years to reapply.

So in 2011 I started process again,was able to apply July 31,2013 they changed law, and now its 2018. It has now been 20 years I have not been in trouble for anything since that one time and have paid 20 times for that terrible error in judgement.

I have been very limited in employment opportunities, good jobs hard to find because I am not bond-able.

Please grandfather old law for old offenders!!!


Randy Gray

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