DUI, drunk driving is our most common criminal charge

I’ve written about this topic before but after coming across a Sun News article about the number of holiday drivers arrested for drunk driving it is an important matter to bring up, again.

Getting a pardon for a DUI is the same as getting a pardon for any other criminal charge. Here’s how it work assuming you didn’t hurt / kill someone.

  1. Drive drunk.
  2. Get pulled over.
  3. Get a breathalyser.
  4. Get arrested.
  5. Get car impounded.
  6. Get taken to the nearest police station,
  7. Get fingerprinted.
  8. Get photographed.
  9. Get then thrown in the drunk-tank (holding cell).
  10. Get woken up in the morning (this part will really not be fun).
  11. Go to court.
  12. Get released with bail and agreement to appear.
  13. Go and find a lawyer.
  14. Pay the lawyer a lot of money.
  15. Go back to court.
  16. Get tried.
  17. Get convicted.
  18. Get your license suspended.
  19. Get ordered to pay a fine.
  20. Pay your fine.
  21. Pay more money to your lawyer.
  22. Wait 5 years.
  23. Apply for your pardon.
  24. Pay more money to the government, police, courts, Parole Board of Canada.
  25. Maybe get your license back.

If a bit of money to a cab driver seems like too much money to spend or too inconvenient just be advised that the above multi-year process is what you’re betting against.

We handle DUI charges all the time. The most common reason people apply for pardons with us is due to drunk driving.

So this holiday season please be safe and sensible. If you’re drinking leave the car at home. It’s not worth the risk.

Toronto Sun Article:


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