Looks like an election is coming

Well with an election all but assured for the spring hopefully these waiting crime bills including Bill C23B as well as the atrocious fee increase for pardons will die a quick death. Let’s just hope. In the meantime there was an interesting vote in parliament yesterday.

Vote #195 on March 8th, 2011Vote topic

That, in the opinion of the House, the Conservative Party of Canada’s “in and out” electoral financing scheme was an act of electoral fraud and represents an assault on the democratic principles upon which Parliament and our electoral system are based, and that, further, the House calls upon the Prime Minister to: ( a) order the immediate repayment of any and all illegally obtained electoral rebates that were paid out to candidates for the Conservative Party of Canada as a result of the “in and out” fraud; and (b) remove all individuals facing charges for this fraud from any position of responsibility within Government or the Conservative Party of Canada

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