Pardon Offices Record Suspensions

One way to quickly decide if the pardon service you are looking at is trustworthy is to see if they are following the private services guidelines set forth by the Parole Board of Canada. You can find them here:

There are very obvious reasons why private companies are not allowed to pretend they are a government agency. We don’t need to go over them here. But needless to say this is a problem in the pardon and waiver industry that was a lot more common back when pardons were less widely understood. But a lot of people today still don’t realize the difference between a private company that prepares pardon applications and the Parole Board of Canada (a government agency) that reviews the application and grants the pardon.

Take for example the following website. It is clearly using the Government of Canada logo. I’ve submitted this site to the fraud department already but unfortunately it is still active.

Pardon Offices Record Suspensions

Clearly the use of the Canada flag in the logo here is a violation. If you come across a website like this my advice is to stay far away.

Of course being on the lookout for simple violations like this is not enough. You need to do your research and make sure the company you are hiring is legitimate. I suggest checking the BBB. If the company isn’t listed or that has a very bad rating, I would stay away. An RCMP accreditation is also a plus.

But my best advice is to get to know the people who will be handling your case. If you live near an office you can actually visit go there and get a feel for the company. If you don’t, spend some time on the phone and ask the right questions. Above all don’t just hand over your credit card to the first person that calls, ask for their number and call them back.

Incidentally the website in that picture plagiarized an article I wrote for the Toronto Star, linked to below. It happens all the time and I admit I find it both flattering and irritating. But I digress on this old problem.

Ottawa’s anti-crime agenda hurts Canadians looking for a fresh start>>>>By Me

If you have had a bad experience with a company like this feel free to give me a call. I’m happy to offer advice and – if you decide – take care of your pardon or waiver application in a timely, professional manner.

Michael Ashby

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