Prison de Bordeaux

If you’ve flown from Toronto to Montreal you may have caught this site out the right side window as the plane made a loop towards its final approach to Trudeau International.

The Bordeaux Prison houses inmates sentenced to anything under 2 years. We’ve seen many clients who spent time there and went on to get a pardon and then completely turn their lives around. Every single one of them said the food was terrible. The building is bordered north by the Riviére des Prairies.

People make mistakes. We help them get that second chance they’re looking for.

Give us a call if you need help getting a pardon for an old criminal record.

Prison de Bordeaux

Bordeaux Prison is visible from the air when flying into Montreal. It houses Quebec inmates sentence to anything under 2 years.

Credits: This photo was taken with my phone while returning from a recent trip to our Toronto office. I recall feeling very happy I wasn’t a resident.


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