The Long Gun Registry

I must be one of them city folk because I just can’t seem to understand the debate about a long gun registry.

For the record I am not a hunter, I am not a gun owner and I dislike guns in pretty much all but arcade forms and even those I have quietly grown too old to enjoy.

So I am understandably biased in this debate. But I still think it is reasonable that we, as a society, ask anyone who owns a gun to register it. And I refuse to believe that registering a weapon capable of killing a man is too difficult a thing to do.

Long Gun Registry

Even if the long gun registry is not an effective tool for fighting crime I still think it is a reasonable thing for gun owners to register their weapons. The bottom line is that if you own something designed for killing it is not over stepping the bounds of government control to request that you register it.

I deal with criminal records at work and when I see a crime involving guns it makes me nervous. I apologize to all the hunters out there who are law abiding gun owners but the fact is that guns really do kill people. And if you have to make a compromise I don’t think registering a deadly weapon is a big one.

By the way. Improper storage of a firearm is a pretty common offence we see around here. If convicted you will need to apply for a pardon.  What would be worse is that the gun falls into the wrong hands. It’s a reasonable requirement.


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