National Pardon Centre receives RCMP accreditation for electronic fingerprinting

MONTREAL, Oct. 19 /CNW Telbec/ – The National Pardon Centre-Canada’s not-for-profit pardon centre that assists Canadians from coast to coast with the clearance of criminal records-is now a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) accredited, electronic fingerprinting and identification agency.

Fingerprinting is the first step in any pardon or waiver application. It is a process that must be completed by all applicants, and one that in the past-using ink and paper print methodologies-could take up to 12 months to complete. Prior to receiving the RCMP accreditation, The National Pardon Centre (NPC) invested heavily in leading-edge electronic fingerprinting technology, such that it’s now possible to complete the fingerprinting process in a mere 72 hours. The electronic system is available only in city centres, so NPC also made a significant investment in card scanning. “We’ve now eliminated geographic barriers to beginning the pardon or waiver application process,” says

Michael Ashby, director of the National Pardon Centre. “No matter where you live inCanada, you can benefit from this technology,” he adds.

Receiving the important stamp of approval from the RCMP is the culmination of a rigorous, three-year undertaking that involved systems up-grades and organizational and employee security screening. “We sought this accreditation because, frankly, our clients come first,” explains Ashby.

Until recently, electronic fingerprinting simply wasn’t available. “We’re really at the forefront of this system that the RCMP has introduced,” says Ashby. “We wanted to offer our clients the benefit of a ‘one-stop shop,’ that not only meets-but exceeds-their needs and expectations. The National Pardon Centre continues to provide the best pardon and waiver service in Canada. Nothing is outsourced.”

Through its web site (, Alberta and Quebec locations, the National Pardon Centre assists people in obtaining U.S. entry waivers and criminal records pardons; making the process easier and more affordable.

Fingerprinting is conducted onsite at NPC’s Montreal and Calgary walk-in centres, or offsite for groups of 20 or more, using their mobile services. There is no additional charge for fingerprinting; the service is included in the cost of obtaining a pardon or waiver.

The National Pardon Centre also offers background checks, and free community education, seminars and client assessments.

For further information: Media: Keri Wallis, (514) 842-2411 (X 225); Michael Ashby, Director, National Pardon Centre, (Day) (514) 842-2411 (X 227), (Night) (514) 875-2466, Toll Free: 1-866-242-2411,;

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james / December 9, 2009

its true, i got mine done pretty quickly. i was worried because i was told it could take a few months and i really wanted it to get done quickly, but i went through national pardon centre and i think it just took a week or so. helped a lot.

Michael Ashby / December 10, 2009

Thank you for your comment James. I want to clarify something for our other readers. Fingerprinting and criminal record checks can often be done within a week but a complete pardon or waiver service takes longer. I don’t want our clients to be confused because time frames are the number one concern we get from people requiring our services.


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