Pardons in Canada

Pardons in Canada Will Remove Your Criminal Record

Pardons in Canada are not well understood. For the most part, the people who need a pardon look into the available avenues and in the process learn a little bit about Canada’s pardon program and how it works. On the other hand those who don’t need pardons in Canada usually don’t bother with it at all and as a result, understand very little about it. This makes sense. But every once in awhile I encounter someone with very little understanding of the pardon program, no need of the pardon program, but who nonetheless has strong feelings about pardon and those who would pursue the removal of a criminal record.

Usually in this case I’m dealing with the farther leaning right wing crowd and more often than not this type of person has decided that the whole business of pardons is for the birds. Or to put it in other terms, they  don’t believe that a person can change. Once a bad nut always a bad nut, they claim, and the tag of criminal record should always apply. Pardons simply undermine police ability to do their work.

But closer inspection of the pardon program in Canada’s reveals that the majority of those people who would pursue a pardon have been arrested long, long ago for relatively trivial matters. The criminal justice system rarely exists in a world of black and white. Those who are arrested are not necessarily bad guys. On the other hand those who stay away from the long arm of the law aren’t necessarily the good guys either.

The bottom line is that everyone makes mistakes. And if we penalized ALL of us for life just because we made a mistake we would all be carrying a very heavy burden.

So if you don’t believe in the pardon program in Canada please give it some more thought because chances are you know someone who is a good person but who also has a criminal record. That person, just like all of us, deserves a second chance at a good name.

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Duane / November 19, 2008


Very well said Michael, As stated before your service helped a great deal with my life.

YES EVEREYONE makes mistakes, we learn from them and we can then move on, but with a record you CANNOT.

So getting a Pardon from you (NPC) will clear some if not all your criminal history, Im not sure about Murder thou.

But again thanks to your service



ANISOARA / February 11, 2011

I am writing this email I was hoping someone gasec a good soul and a little understanding, I’m in romania Romanian nationality I am now 15 years ago I was in montreal canada acoli was wrong and I stole a pair recognized in socks and so I remember once a device does not know anything for sure. I can say I was young and I sincerely wrong, and now I realize I want to rehabilitate not want my children to suffer from the mistakes that I made leam please help me guided me what I can do here in romania to rehabilitate me in canada please name that I had problems is . give you help me guided me what to do
Maybe I have some mistakes in writing, TRANSLATION IS GOOGLE


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