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Pearson Airport Closed for US Waiver Submissions

Please be advised that the United States Customs and Border Protection Waiver Office is now closed until further notice and will no longer be accepting waiver applications, as per the notice on Toronto Pearson’s website: Following years of Saturday-only business hours, this office was briefly accepting applications on Tuesdays prior to closing completely for […]

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Beware of Scotia Pardons! Allegedly Fraudulent Pardon Agency Still Operating in Canada

Unfortunately, the problem of fraudulent Pardon agencies still exists and they are still operating in Canada. Trusted Pardons Services, LLC (TPS) and Scotia Pardons are two of the most notorious “companies” to make headlines for scamming Canadians hoping to secure a Canadian pardon and/or US entry waiver application. On March 29th, 2017, California District Attorney [...]
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