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RCMP Fingerprint

GREAT NEWS: RCMP Processing Times Have Never Been Faster!

RCMP Processing times for fingerprinting submissions have been consistently improving. Official RCMP time frames for receiving the results of a certified fingerprinting submission are as follows: Official RCMP Fingerprinting Processing Times: No Record to Report: 3 business days or less Criminal Record Attached: Within 120 business days But the really great news is that our […]

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Fraud Under $5000

Fraud Under $5000 in Canada: What You Need to Know

Fraud is a charge that is similar to theft but has its own legal distinction. Much like theft, fraud involves obtaining goods, services or money in an illegal manner. However, fraud usually entails gaining something through trickery or misrepresentation, while in theft the methods are more straight forward. Since it doesn’t typically involve violence or […]

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Pearson Airport Closed for US Waiver Submissions

Please be advised that the United States Customs and Border Protection Waiver Office is now closed until further notice and will no longer be accepting waiver applications, as per the notice on Toronto Pearson’s website: Following years of Saturday-only business hours, this office was briefly accepting applications on Tuesdays prior to closing completely for […]

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